Saturday, June 09, 2007

secret heart/feist

Over the last few months I have:

- Fallen in love with Feist. Both the music and the woman.
- Actually looked forward to running on a treadmill every afternoon.
- Resumed letter writing.
- Become perilously addicted to coffee.
- Believed that if I brush my hair A LOT every day it will grow faster.
- Listened to far too much Madonna.
- Watched far too much
Will and Grace. Correction; watched far too little Will and Grace.
- Wondered what I'll do when I grow up and in turn wondered whether I will ever grow up.
- Lost 6kg. Literally. Think about it... where does it go?
- Considered cutting myself some bangs.
- Not missed the internet as much as I thought I would.
- Realised that women wear unnecessarily ridiculous shoes that make them walk funny.
- Enjoyed spending waaaay too much time with my ever amazing and inspiring - and annoying - sister.
- Enjoyed annoying my sister. Hehe.
- Anticipated my sojourn in Adelaide for the house sitting job I could have only ever dreamt about.

How's this weather? Lovely.