Sunday, March 04, 2007

Queen of the Oddballs

"GO FOR IT! Be who you are – FULLY! Be an eccentric, a trail-blazer, somewhat mistrustful of the tasteful and the restrained. Act 45 when you’re 13, and 13 when you’re 45. Travel off the beaten-path. Do things unaccording to plan and, not only embrace your oddballness, but CELEBRATE IT! As long as YOU get yourself, and decide that who you are is freakin’ AWESOME no matter what, then others will think you’re awesome, too." Hillary Carlip

... I need to find this book.


lozza said...

that sounds cool
and what have you been up to young lady...found a new job? or enjoying the freedom?

miss you lots HUGS **

Queen of the Oddballs said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Hope you were able to find Queen of the Oddballs, and hope you dig it!!

XO Hillary