Saturday, February 19, 2005

i might be wrong/radiohead

photo by flutterby charlie

I'm in a very Radiohead mood this evening. Therefore I am very pleased to be listening to their song 'I Might Be Wrong' from Amnesiac. There is something in my psychological makeup that begs a Radiohead phase now and then. Maybe it is my dark side. The melancholy in me.

Here are some more of the interesting words I've learnt from 'The Clinton Wars':

recombinant - to put together again
shibboleths - a peculiarity of pronunciation, of a habit, mode of dress, etc., which distinguishes a particular class or set of persons
feckless - ineffective, feeble, spiritless, worthless
populism - political philosophy concerned with the needs of the common people

I've been working my way through all three series of 'Black Books', a great comedy series starring the fantastic comedians Dylan Moran (a man with a very, very, VERY nice Irish accent), Bill Bailey and Tamsin Greig. How funny and silly is it? I love it! PLUS it looks like it was so fun for them to make. It is so manic and full of physical gags and giggles galore. I've just read an interview with Dylan and he mentioned "There is a guy in a Dublin bookshop who provided the image of Bernard Black (Dylan's character). He looks like he’s swallowed a cup of sour milk and peed himself at the same time. He has this green bilious expression, years of displeasure have shaped his face." If you've seen the show you'd know that Bernard almost IS that guy!

I'm really chuffed about technology. I really enjoy being able to chat to family and friends on MSN, some who I normally wouldn't because we are all too slack to pick up the phone or put pen to paper. I've also recently discovered how to make my holiday footage into fun little movies and burn them to DVD. As well, of course, as a free blog where I am permitted to blah, blah, blah ad nauseum into the ether. It has all been embraced by me, when, six months ago I despised it or, more softly, disliked it for its impersonality. I have discarded that opinion and now believe that anything that keeps us in touch is a good thing.

On the flip side I also still feel that Western guilt. Which is an acknowledgement of the plain fact that I am one of a teeny tiny percentage of the World's population that has access to all of this. That can afford a computer, that can afford internet access in order to do all this.

All this and a sick car as well. What is it Tyler Durden says in 'Fight Club'?

The things you own end up owning you.

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