Monday, February 21, 2005


It is sad and surreal to hear that Hunter S. Thompson decided to end his own life. Though he was quite mad, his madness and writing seemed to have a place in this world. His writing certainly inspired me. Rest in peace.

The Eels have always sat quietly and humbly in my collection of records. Just comfortably waiting amongst the others to be chosen and spun. Tonight was their night and everytime I put their record 'Beautiful Freak' on, I never understand why I don't listen to it more than I do. Mark's voice and words are sweetly childlike and very appealling to my soul. His beautiful songs are like that feeling you got when you were younger when you had a little pocket money leftover and were allowed to buy lollies with it. Like sherbet straws or candy corn.

I have a problem with Prince Charles today. Not so much with him personally as my feelings towards him are indifferent. With the cost of his visit to Australia of one million taxpayers dollars. And it was his idea to come on down. Is it just me or is there an extortionate amount of money bandied about by Governments for this type of thing? Is it possible that the one million dollars for Prince Charles' visit could be used constructively for the benefit of those of the Australian population who need it? I think so. How many programs could be funded? Oh, many.

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