Monday, May 23, 2005

poses/rufus wainwright

"all these poses, oh, how can you blame me? life is a game and true love is a trophy, and you said 'watch my head about it'"

officially been awake for 48 hours. got a window seat on the the plane ride home only to find i was on the wrong side of the plane to witness the however many thousand feet above ground sunrise. glared, sweetly jealous, at the sleeping passengers not noticing the glorious view out of their window. 'the life aquatic with steve zissou' (with bill murray, owen wilson, cate blanchett and the gorgeous and fabulous anjelica houston) was the movie but couldn't bear watching it on the teeny tiny screen with tinny sound so rocked out to pj harvey while the guy in the seat next to me peacefully snoozed with face and body curled in rest towards me. thought about staying on the plane in the dark staring out into the black and beautifully moonlit beyond for eternity. thought of all the wonderful things that darwin gave to me that settle in my heart and my head and my soul. the wonderful old and truly loved but some lost friends that perch in my hollow heart with their wonderful smiles and hugs and laughter and voices and wondered if this whirring limbo suited my temperament best. unlocked my front door at 7am back out the door at 7.40am to work and the whirr of the stale familiarity and pushing, pulling, prodding, restless here and now.


Brad said...

Sounds like you had a good trip? Sort of? I think... not so good to be back I guess...

Flutterby Charlie said...

hey sweetie! glad to have you back! b..e..a..u..tiful photo!! and such lovely words!! i love you lil sis! Cx0x0x