Tuesday, May 03, 2005

fall, fall, fall/razorlight

Ahhh, this song. It's the crude guitar playing where the fingers are getting in the way of the notes being played and the off kilter singing that slays me with this song. The words are beautiful and bittersweet. I'm in love with this band right now.

I've been very quiet lately. In many, many ways. I'm not sure I've ever been good at communication and I do prefer to bottle rather than unload. I know it is frustrating my family. Perhaps my friends too.

The one place I haven't been quiet in is my photography. I've been screaming loud and loving it. So, if anyone ever wonders what Erin is up to, visit me at flickr. I've met some cool 'flickr friends' and I find it very interesting to learn about people from all over the world through their photography. It's a rad little community.

What might have made me write today and end my 'word hiatus' is that I got a surreal surprise tonight when I checked all my favourites on flickr.

drp has linked me from his page.

This is something he does everyday, a new link each day, and I have made some 'flickr friends' through checking out previous links he's had. So this to me is quite a compliment. He is inspiring and a real human being, honest, witty and a warts and all type guy. He permeates the endless realm of flickr leaving compliments and encouragement as he goes.

I'm really amazed that I'm getting this kind of compliment and encouragement from someone who is, what it boils down to, a total stranger. Kind of blown away really.

I'm very excited. I have received a package containing not one, not two, but three video tapes from my darling parents. What is on these video tapes? FRENCH & SAUNDERS EPISODES!

This is all very trivial information.

The photo above is messy to look at, I know.

It's why I like it.

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Benny said...

Hey Erin,

I never new you had a blog site or Flikr site. Just discovered it through Brad's links(never knew about the links either). I love your photo pics, so many are like wow, that should be in a really cool magazine like Loz in the stripey stockings at night with the buses and street lights in the background, and the red pool table, and heaps of others. But they are two that I can recall at this moment.
And the photo of the old lady sitting in her walker seat at her husbands? grave stone. That's really moving. You capture the heart of the situation well. Very impressed EzBez. Hope a magazine falls in love with your style and takes you on.
The shopping carts wheel picks, and mushrooms all amazing. If you don't watch out I'll be downloading them and stealing them.