Monday, March 27, 2006

i know it's over/the smiths

Again, a song introduced to me by a friend. Louise was telling me her favourite band is The Smiths and she was talking about this song and how she loves how crushingly Morrissey sings the line "oh, mother I can feel the soil falling over my head" towards the end of the song. So, naturally, I went out and bought the best of the Smiths (some of you may be surprised at the fact that I'm a music geek and I know nothing of The Smiths other than "How Soon Is Now?" - and that's only because I've seen "The Wedding Singer"). What an AWESOME song. Man, they were a great band, huh? As much as the lyrics are melodramatic and dour (my favourite kind), they made GREAT songs that sound so fabulous. I really love the bass guitar especially (incidentally, The Smiths bass player toured with Badly Drawn Boy - a fact that was pointed out to me at the time when I saw him play a few years back and now I'm wishing I was more excited about it!) There was a guy at school who had the Morrissey quiff and wore a threadbare and fading Morrissey T-shirt ALL the time. I loved that. At the same time I also enjoyed poking fun at the words to Morrissey's song "The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get". It was that line saying "I will be in the bar, with my head on the bar", not only the line but the way he sang it. Cracked my adolescent brain up. Kind of still does.

I had a fantastic week last week, I'll tell you about it in a minute, though this week is turning out to be slightly less fantastic. So, for obvious reasons, I choose to focus my attention on last week and also take this opportunity to apologise to my gorgeous sister:

Carly, I am sorry I haven't been blogging. I'm a bad girl. I'm going to make more of an effort to write ridiculous and inane things here regularly, just so you know I am not going insane... which I know you sometimes think I am. Perhaps sometimes justifiably so.

Anyway, so, last week. It was great.

Tuesday. I got a postcard shaped like a London post box. Yes, all the way from London. I also had dinner with Julie at Seagrass and had that rare though now and then occuring meal that includes meat:

Man. Seagrass make the best rocket and parmesan salad. Ever. Actually, come to think of it... I've only ever tasted theirs. Oh, and the aioli! I always thought it was a snobby name for tartare sauce. Woah, no way. Totally different and WAY more delicious. Thanks for spotting me the rest of the money for dinner Julie, I owe you... hmmm, lets say breakfast at Tongue and Groove.

Wednesday. I spent the whole day just trying to speed it up so I could go and see the man whose songs I love, Mr Lou Barlow (worst photo ever):

He'd just finished the Dinosaur Jr tour and decided to hang around Australia for some solo gigs He asked how many of us went to see 'Dino' and then proceeded to finish the conversation in hand gestures - from all accounts their gigs were louder than ever before. He played for over two and a half hours and totally could have forever, none of the audience would have minded. He stayed on stage selling his T-shirts afterwards. Mid-way through the gig it turned into busking, he would stop playing a song, tell a yarn or a joke (he's a very funny man, it's kind of jarring hearing him tell a funny story then go into a really mellow beautiful song) and then someone from the audience would yell out a song title and he'd either say "okay" and start playing or "that's not my song!" or "I can't play that, I recorded it then never played it again" or simply "no." Close to the end a guy came up to the front and when a song finished he yelled, " hey Lou, it sucks, but I have to go, can I buy a T-shirt?" So Lou sold him the T-shirt but he didn't have change for a $50 so they guy said "I'll take a song instead?" To which Lou nodded and the guy proceeded to ask for my favourite forgotten Folk Implosion songs from the record "Dare to be Surprised", my copy of which has lived in a box in a cupboard in Darwin for the past five years. I'd say the night made my year so far. Lou has rocked my world for over ten years and he never grows old to me (unlike some other bands I loved sadly have). (To those of you who thinks T-Bone let you down last Wednesday, I apologise. A girls got to do what she has to do though.)

Thursday. Well, all week was a work conference. That's tiring enough. Thursday night we all had dinner at the bosses house. I love dinner at the bosses house. Only because the bosses wife cooks. She makes the most amazing salads and side dishes and ooh la la! I love it. I wish I had taken photos of what she'd made. A rocket, wholegrain mustard and beetroot salad. An eggy, croutony, parmesan cheesy salad (hmm, sounds not unlike a Caesar salad). Plus a yummo pasta salad with asparagus and tomato and kind of peppery lovely saucy thingy. She always says that if I like her salads, I should come to her place when they have a barbecue with everyone from the canal. She said some other ladies make the most insane salads but they are really good... and reeeally competitive. When she told me that it made me think of the party they throw for Edward in "Edward Scissorhands".

Friday. I should have seen the cold coming. As soon as I walked in the door I thought to myself, I'll just have a lie down on the divan. HALF AN HOUR later I wake up and scoot my butt over to South Bank to see Loz and anyone who might still be there. Loz ist rad. We nearly had to send out a search party for Corrina after she was gone a looooong time looking for the toilet, but she had found "Speed of Purple" playing in the midst of the markets so we all wandered down to watch. I'm really starting to love "Speed of Purple". I started feeling like a lurgy had hit me so I said goodbye and walked home and woke up with the nasties. Blergh.

This week is really not so bad considering its only Monday. What a drama queen.


ben and charlie said...

wow! its so great to see you cak on! i love being able to catch up on erin slife through your "inane" ramblings! i love it! it describes it so much better here than when i ask you haha! i love you keep it up sweetie! Cx

diamond said...

Man I wish you could plug in a recording of your voice here, because Carly (and any friends or strangers visiting the blog) would be sooo achingly amused! I just have to believe you when you say it doesn't hurt, because everytime you talk, it has me in stitches (whether you manage to squeak any noise out or not!), and I'd hate to be laughing while you were paining!!! I've never heard anyone sound less like themself when talking and laughing. Oh boy! That laugh!!!

Anonymous said...


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