Wednesday, January 17, 2007



1. A squib: a type of firework made with damp power that makes a hissing sound when exploding.
2. A kind of top spun by pulling a string wound around it.
3. A flirty, frivolous girl.
4. A kind of harpoon with barbs for spearing fish.
5. A police informer.
Who knew it was an actual WORD with definitions and such?!
I love Google Word of the Day.

(photo by sissypants taken from her tv set, commissioned by me; broken camera lady)


dudivie said...
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ben and charlie said...

i NEVER knew it was a real word!

we need to get your cammy fixed!!

Captain Jono said...

Go fizgig!!
I'll have to remember to use it more often though I will always remember the real fizgig from Dark Crystal!