Monday, January 22, 2007

hillary 08

Who knew when I made that silly button a couple of years ago after reading her biography that it might actually happen?

During the last few weeks I've become more than a little interested in Politics again, in general, even to the point of getting all fiery and giving my sister an earful of opinionated incredulity about all the unfathomable things that are occuring in the World over fish and chips on Saturday.

I'm particularly interested all of a sudden in the possible candidates for the PoTUS (gotta love that first episode of West Wing).

It seems I'm thawing. I'm having feelings again and even, sometimes, expressing them.

It might be the heat.

More likely the impending sense of liberation.

9 more days to go. The countdown is on.


ben and charlie said...

she's BACK!!
i am trying to keep up cos you know what im like about politics!
i love that you have passion forthese teach me a lot!
love you sis...8 more days to go after tomorrow!!

Brad said...

Hillary or Obama.... Hillary or Obama...?

I don't think I actually know enough about Hillary to know what I think. She seems a little ruthless and possibly a little too clean cut. But if she has the right policies...

Obama is the Santos of the campaign at the moment I'd say.

Happy last week at work!