Sunday, April 17, 2005

think twice/groove armada

This song just came on as I uploaded this image and I decided it was exactly the song for how I was feeling after my fun-road-trip-with-Danielle-(who-is-up-from-Sydney)-to-Woodgate-for-Wayne-and-Sharyn's-wedding-Mel-moving-into-her-new-house-wandering-the-beach-and-talking-to-strangers-walking-their-dogs-because-that's-the-kind-of-place-that-Woodgate-is-with-friendly-people-and-gigantic-red-kangaroos-that-actually-do-hop-around-the-streets weekend. This is a gorgeous song with vocals by Neneh Cherry. She conveys great emotion with her stunning voice. Aaaah.

Three things I loved about the weekend:

1. The Actual Wedding
While none of us could quite hear what the Celebrant or Wayne and Sharyn were saying due to the sound of the waves, it was beautiful to watch them interact (as it is with any couple getting married), and to see all the guests, men and women dressed to the nines, with no shoes on (except for Phil, Wayne's Dad, who said to me "30 years I've been coming to this beach and this is the first time I've worn shoes!" Phil is a gorgeous and warm and rare gentleman. I guess most Grandpa's/Dad's are though!) and the men with their trousers rolled up. Sharyn's Dad laughed at me and said to me as I stumbled onto the beach in my shoes trying to work out if others were taking theirs off, "if those idiots on Home and Away can walk on the beach in high heels I'm sure you can!" I promptly took them off.

2. Having Bubble Blowing Competitions with the Kids
There were a few little kids, as well as Wayne and Sharyn's gorgeous and lovely girls at the wedding and they were all adorable and just so fun. The game of the day was "How Much Farther Than Your Bubbles Will My Bubbles Go?". It was so unpredictably windy all day that no one ever won. That didn't matter though, we stood on the balcony of Wayne's Mum's old house and blew bubbles for half of the afternoon. It never got old.

3. Talking to Strangers (and Strangers Dog's) on the Beach
After the wedding Danielle, Jason, Fee and I headed down to the beach and wandered until sunset, collecting shells and soaking up the general loveliness of being away from it all in such a beautiful place after our friends wedding. So many lovely old couples were out walking their dogs on the beach. They all said 'hello' in such a different way than I'm used to when I'm walking in the suburbs. There was a warmth and sincerity to it. I loved saying hello to them all. Some kids were out with their Grandma and they were laughing and playing along the shoreline as Grandma dragged a net along. I was so curious that I said hello and said "do you mind if I ask what you are doing?" Grandma looked me in the eye, laughed and threw her head back lifting up the net: "these are dead fish heads in this net. When you drag them along the shoreline, worms can taste them and they come to the surface and if you are quick you can grab them and pull them up for bait!" "Cool! Do you catch many?" I asked. "NO!!" She laughed and looked at the kids laughing too. "It's the adventure of it, the thrill of the hunt!" The kids nodded. I love Grandmas. There was also an encounter with a gorgeously overzealous and fat chihuahua that bounded over towards us with one of those happy doggy smiles on its face (mouth wide open, tongue hanging out the side) and said hello to us all. As soon as I bent down to say hello (making appropriate "well, hello Mr Puppy aren't you just the cutest woogee goo goo come here for some loving" type conversation to get his attention) he was set for a cuddle and scratch and lick and "YAY A NEW FRIEND!" type behaviour (on my behalf as well as his). He then ran back to his owner (a lovely smiley lady who was letting her dog do all the talking) with that "hey, look they said 'hello' they wanna be my friend check it out" look and as soon as he got to her feet he spun and ran straight back for a second helping of love.

I really admire the resolute happiness of dogs.

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Flutterby Charlie said...

it maks me happy when i read your blog erin, im glad you had a great day, this is one of you're best ever! i love you little sister...Carly x0x0x0x