Saturday, April 02, 2005

am i wrong/mull historical society

I love Mull Historical Society. As I understand it, it is actually one man, Colin MacIntyre. There is something just so great about the songs. Sometimes they border on 'woah, okay, not necessary to have that many things going on at once'. His sweet words and voice always save it though. The man has a talent for melody. As does Badly Drawn Boy's Damon Gough. Now that man is made out of melodies. I think he keeps them in his beanies. Where was I? I love Mull Historical Society. A lot.

I finally did something today that I've wanted to do for some time now. I visited Balmoral Cemetery at sunset with my camera. I used to drive past it all the time and say in my head 'that looks so old and beautiful, I must go have a look one day.' Today was that day.

I got there just as the sun started to go down. There was no one else around. Just the sounds of cars passing by. The cemetery is so old and in quite a state of disrepair and has, sadly, suffered some vandalism. It has a sad look of abandonment about it. I read the headstones as I walked around. The sentiments on the headstones were simple. One of my favourites was 'BEAUTIFUL WIFE, STERLING MOTHER'. How Aussie is that. I love it. I found a large rectangular headstone with small simple writing marking the site of a young boy of 8 who had died on my birthdate in 1925. I don't know why it meant something to me but it did. A lot of headstones had fallen and cracked.

There were stone crosses broken in half. Angel monuments that had lost their wings or arms. A lot of the sites had poseys of fake flowers laid on them. There were layers of leaves and twigs and dead flowers littering the graves. Subsidence had caused some of the concrete coverings to sink. I kept looking around hoping to see someone else there. No one. When I went to leave there was a lady jogging up the hill on the centre path with her labrador. I wish I was quick enough to get a shot of that. It was surreal.

I found out (thank you Google) that there is a group of people known as the 'Friends of Balmoral Cemetery' who work to preserve the cemetery and educate people of the history.

I'm not sure how up to date the website is.

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Flutterby Charlie said...

hey sweetie! im so proud of you for stopping and taking pics! im grateful too cos they are beautifully gorgeous shots! im thankful too that you are housesitting...103 pics of westend i reckon thats more than me! i love you so much! see you soon!! Carly x0x0x0x keep it up we need the practice for new york.....