Sunday, March 27, 2005

go it alone/beck

I invested in Beck's new album 'Guero' last week and I've barely stopped listening to it. 'Go It Alone' is a nicely groovy piece of work and it has been stuck in my head and it is playing again right now. Handclaps are great.

I took my nervous, excited, anxious sister to the airport early this morning to get her on her flight to Auckland, New Zealand. She'll be there for a couple of weeks, including her birthday, and will be - with any luck - having the time of her life. Bless her, she hasn't had a holiday in years. I think she's been working six days a week for about seven years straight. A holiday is required. The trip has further significance. A man is in the picture. Could he be the one? One thing that would make me the happiest is to see Carly happy. Send out the good vibes. She's riding the wave...

It also turned out her flight was delayed two hours out of Dubai. So what do you do in an airport to whittle the time away a little faster? Buy expensive yet not-quite-right tasting coffee (speaking from experience)? Window shop in duty free? Buy a trashy magazine so you can do the puzzles? All quite legitimate airport pastimes I guess. What was our choice? People watching at the Arrivals Gate! So we silently greeted a couple of flights from Tokyo and one from LA, almost crying a number of times. It always seemed to be when the older mothers and daughters saw each other and got teary, or when kids saw their mum or dad come through the doors and got sooooo excited. We were blubbing. It was fantastic.

Heather Powazek Champ... another woman I admire.

Happy Easter.

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ben and charlie said...

what would I do without you you big sook!!! I love you lots I'll keep you posted, love Carly... and Ben xoxo