Wednesday, March 16, 2005

love and evil (explore mix)/jean jacques smoothie

This song is so lovely and it is totally under my skin. Electronic-ey, dub-ey with a great acoustic guitar intertwined. A beautiful rich voice singing a great refrain that I've had stuck in my head the last few days: 'we don't want to know one thing about evil, we only want to know about love.' It doesn't take much for a song to get under my skin. It's the little things with me. Then I just need to hear it again and again. (Yes, I am a filthy junkie.) It is a remix of a John Martyn song. It's kind of cool and unusual to hear one of his songs like this. He's pretty groovy anyway, but the electronic embellishments compliment it nicely.

This song is on a compilation called Acoustic 2, which is one of three double CD compilations sent to me by my work's supplier of drill bits for Christmas last year. There is some fantastic music on these CD's. I know who chose these CD's for me too. A very cool guy I used to talk to a lot who used to send me photos of him walking in the Lakes District with his chocolate labrador, Archie. I know it was him because the music on these CD's is not your run-of-the-mill mainstream music. I love that about them. The cool guy with the great musical taste and the chocolate labrador named Archie has been working in New York for the last three months. He said he would send me photos. I know he is very busy.

This is officially my favourite place on the internet

Tina Fey... another woman I admire.

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Flutterby Charlie said...

hmm...who is this very cool guy? and have you mentioned him before? He sounds lovely...erin! Another 'fablog', and yes a beautiful song! p.s. remind me to ask you who Tina Fey is! Love charlie x0x0x0x