Thursday, March 10, 2005

johnny appleseed/joe strummer & the mescaleros

I am having trouble remembering a time that I haven't known and loved this song. I just checked and the album 'Global A Go-Go' came out in 2001, so maybe since then... damn those details that ruin my romanticisms. The song has a flow and energy that I don't think I will ever tire of. I'm not quite sure what the song is about and I don't want to analyse it, but I'm convinced there is a political element to it. I also really love the background 'hey's' and 'ho's' that scream out during the chorus. It also makes me think very fondly of the morning after my 'Rock Star Pajama Party' when the album was playing while we played Snakes and Ladders on my beautiful custom made picnic blanket and ate pancakes and my walls were covered in alfoil stars and pictures of bands and musicians galore. I've just decided I should try and find out more about Joe Strummer and maybe even get some music by the Clash... I know that I love their song 'Police and Thieves' which is on 'The Royal Tenenbaums' soundtrack.

Things I often daydream about doing:

~ Making a film
(I'm particularly good at this daydream lately ever since playing with Windows Movie Maker for a farewell movie for a work friend and it often occurs when I'm listening to music and a song comes on and I think 'oooh, good song for my film soundtrack... what could be happening in my film while this song is playing...')

~ Owning and running a record store
(a perpetual daydream that sees my record store as a mix between the Big Star I pretty much lived in during some of my most favourite years of my life in Adelaide (which used to be in the same little complex as my bank, so I'd get paid for my part time job, take the money out, buy more music... I was a filthy junkie... and I would love for the very hirsute and laid back fellow who worked there to work for me too) and Championship Vinyl from the film 'High Fidelity' - which also means that Jack Black would work for me - and my friends would always be in there picking the music that is playing...)

~ Owning and running a book shop
(another perpetual daydream that sees itself not unlike the bookshop in 'Black Books' minus Bernard and the obvious disorganisation and general uncleanliness but including the charm of being a pokey little bookshop and also closely modelled on 'Bent Books' in West End now that I've fallen in love with that one)

~ Photographing every person I see
(another daydream that burbles to the surface of my daydream puddle every so often because I LOVE faces and I want to remember them all and see every wonderful thing about them and then maybe I would talk to and meet more people because I would start by asking if I could take their picture and then maybe talk some more and find out about their lives which I also love hearing about, peoples lives)

~ Doing 'front of house' for my sister's Bed and Breakfast
(a daydream that has the most chance of becoming a reality as I believe it is a real dream of hers and I would work for her in a flash and we would meet lots of interesting people and I would get to take their photos and find out about their lives and choose the music that plays in the place and, well, I just think it would be fabulous)

I just watched a film that was a childhood favourite, so much so that my Mum pre-ordered it for my sister and I and sent it down to us from Darwin...'The Dark Crystal'. It brought back such great feelings.

Now I want to have a video night with all my favourite childhood films, like 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks', 'Freaky Friday', 'The Phantom Tollbooth', 'The Sword in the Stone', 'To Be Or Not To Be', 'Mary Poppins'...


Brad said...

Hey epg!

Why don't you make a movie about your experiences photgraphing everyone who you meet while starting up a book/cd shop in the front of your sisters B&B?


Flutterby Charlie said...

Hey darlin', another fabulous journal entry...this one i love the most cos it holds the key to our dreams!

I would love nothing better than to have you work with me and have a vinyl/book section to my funky caff! i love you heaps...don't ever give up on your dreams i haven't...and keep taking these awesome photos! i don't know how you do it? Carly x x x