Sunday, March 13, 2005


Idlewild are an awesome little Scottish band that I adore. I went to see them play in 2003 I think it was (maybe even almost to the month) and they played at the Zoo and it was hot and it was loud and they were just soooo fantastic... and Scottish. Me and accents. This song is the first I heard of theirs and I was immediately a fan based purely on the guitar sound and Roddy's voice and the fact that they say Gertrude Stein's name a million times. It's just a nice turn out that I love all their other songs too. Ooh, I've just checked out their website and they have a new album out!

Today I spent with my sister. It was a day where I was happy to do anything and just be with her. We went looking for clothes and tried things on, we both had lists of things we were looking for. My list included make up and black nail polish so that I can be a rock star on the weekend. Both of which I found. Now to work out how make up works.

We visited her work and drank yummy coffee and laughed with three of the lovely people who work for her there. One has an infectious laugh and is very good at stories. One always has really funky earrings that she says she often tinkers with, adding dangles from one pair to the design of another. The last is a nice boy who I find very cute and sweet who makes my sister laugh and be silly and all this makes her enjoy her job a lot more than she used to.

Back at her place we decided to go wandering aimlessly through the streets of West End. I like West End. Lots to photograph. Gorgeous little old houses with kids playing on the ramshackle verandahs out the front. People riding their bikes with their shopping hanging off the handle bars. A relaxed feeling in the atmosphere, charged now and then by a political stencil on the footpath or on the wall. Here is one that bemused me the most today, I believe it says 'ONLY NAZIS DRINK BOOST JUICE'...

I can hear Patsy from Ab Fab resounding in my head:

"... yes ... but is it ART, Eddie?"

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Flutterby Charlie said...

is it art Eddie? oh you are hilarious dear sister! i love this blog specially cos im in it again!! Just kidding...wish id found that stencil first! heehee Keep up he good blogwork....dont forget to check [daily dose of imagery] again some great shots you can compete with! it art eddie oh hahahahaha love charles x 0 x 0 x